Last updated: October 15, 2008

12/10/11: I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaack! ;) Did you miss me? I missed me. *eg* Anyway, it randomly occurred to me today that I can afford to get a new webhost now... so I did. ^_^ The problem is that I've had several hard drive crashes and written many new stories since I let the page lapse to begin with. So, as a placeholder, I've put up an old, unintentionally seasonally festive version of the page. I believe this is the last intact version of the webpage I have saved from before the hard drive crashes.

The thing is... now that I've put the page back up, I don't honestly know what I'm going to do with it. My new LJ archive has been doing an admirable job of stowing all the new stories, but I'd eventually like to get everything transferred over, possibly doing a total site overhaul while I'm at it. We'll see. In the meantime, enjoy having access to all the older stories, again. Welcome back!


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Fushigi Yuugi Fanfiction:
Home of my Fushigi Yuugi Fanfiction and poor Nuriko's large therapy bill. ^_^

Sailor Moon Fanfiction:
Ah... Sailor Moon. My first official anime obsession. My first foray into fanfiction, as well. *twitch* No wonder most of the fics that used to be here are now on the dead fic page. *sweatdrop* A few remain, but not many... Going through the old stuff to convert it to the new layout was pretty scary actually. I kept having to fight the desire to rewrite as I html'ed. :-P

CLAMP Fanfiction:
What else could this be but the CLAMP fanfiction? ^_^ Beware, angst abounds (even more than usual) -- bring a tissue.

Power Rangers Fanfiction:
Yes, this is the Power Rangers fanfiction. Yes, there is a sequel in the works to "Forget Me Not". Yes, I intend to finish it before I die. The bugger's already 150 KB... O_o;;;

Party of Five Fanfiction: **Updated**
Oh great, you say. Another fandom that I care nothing about. Well... I do? And I hope to convert people? *looks about eagerly* ^_^

Original Fiction: **Updated**
OK, there's enough of it now that it warrants its own page. If you enjoyed what you read elsewhere on the site, I'm sure I can entice you to read a few things that are purely my own, right? ^_^

The Book Bin: **Updated**
Everything else. ^_^ Ranging from Gundam Wing, to World of Darkness, to Prince of Tennis, to Mighty Ducks, to you name it. *chuckles* If you can't find it somewhere else, look here.

Er... Exactly what it sounds like? Fics that are in the process of happening, but may not finish happening for quite some time. Really, my LJ has taken over this function, but I'll leave it up anyway. ^_^

Don't worry, it isn't all mine. Some of it is actually good. ^_^ Those done for Generals' Hour (wow... talk about a blast from the past...) and Osozaki Blooms, that is.

If you swear I wrote a fic and you can't find it in any of the above places, try here. This is where I put the fics that I can barely stand to look at anymore. O_O Let me tell you, re-reading these suckers while converting to the new layout was just... scary. *shudder* But people did like them (as did I, once upon a time) and I know how much I hate it when authors remove fics that I like from their pages because they don't care for them anymore. So, here's the compromise. ^_^

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