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OK, there are now going to be enough of these to warrant their own page. ^_^ I have rapidly been becoming obsessed with CLAMP. The angst appeals to me, I think. *eg* So, the two most angsty fics in my archive, and--surprise of surprises--they're both CLAMP! ^_^ So far there are only Tokyo Babylon and CLAMP Campus Detectives fics on here, but a Card Captor Sakura fic will likely be joining them soon. ^_^ Enjoy!

Tokyo Babylon


**NEW** WRITTEN: 4-8-04; POSTED: 6-7-06 -- This started out as a simple, one-shot Tokyo Babylon fic that wasn't quite what I promised Seimei it would be. It morphed into a long-ass complicated story that was exactly what I promised Seimei it would be rather quickly. *sigh* Since when do my stories not do that, right? Anyway, it was initially a bit of a character study, a bit of a exploration into someone's past, and a bit of a reflection of a scene which takes place in TB proper. Could I vague that up any more? ^_^ *coughs* Probably, but I'll refrain. Someday, when it's complete, I'll post the rest of the story here. For now, however, you can catch pieces of it on my LJ and enjoy this prequel which can act as a standalone.


12-16-01: I should learn to stop writing fics when I'm in a bad mood. *sighs* I've had a really horrendous week. First there was finals... then... well. :-P I don't really want to talk about it. Those of you who know, understand. Anyway, suffice it to say, my week really sucked. The bunny for this fic spawned out of the suckage of my week. It's been trying to spawn since Saturday, but I was too emotionally drained to even think about ficcing. Well, today on the plane home, I finally felt ready to indulge the bunny--especially since I had a brand spankin' new fic notebook to break open. And thus this fic was born.

*shrugs* Not sure what else there is to tell. The fic is only 5 KB, so it really qualifies more as a ficlet than a full fic. If I try to describe it... I'd just end up re-writing the fic. Or else I'd do a really bad job of describing it. @_@ So... *shrugs again* Just go read the fic. There's a better intro on the actual ficpage. *nods* Later!

CLAMP Campus Detectives


NEW: 7-20-04, POSTED: 4-11-06 -- So, I felt I owed the CCD boys some harmless fluff. ^_^ I was really excited about a trip home to New York on this particular weekend and was browsing the 15 minute ficlet word for the last few weeks... and inspiration struck. *chuckles* You could read this as yaoi, or not. Nokoru and Suoh havin' fun in a bathtub. *leer*

For Lack of Three Words

11-15-01: OK, how to explain this one... O_O This is what happens, apparently, when Renee-chan is in a Very Bad Mood (TM). I've had a really sucky week and most of this semester has been even worse--and it certainly doesn't look like it's going to get any better anytime soon. *sighs* I think my psyche finally had enough this morning, and decided that something needed to be done. And so, fic it was. The first attempt was an original fic that I've been working on (and will re-post the teaser for soon...). That wasn't angsty enough. The second attempt was an Idomu-angst fic for his last confrontation with Nokoru. I was pretty sure that that would work... but it didn't. It was too happy, if you can believe that. O_O So, I finally caved in and did something that I've been wanting to try for a while--just to see if I could.

And Renee-chan's very first Deathfic was born. Now, let me clarify something: yes, characters have died in my fics before... but only canon deaths (i.e. Kourin in FY, Qui-Gon in TPM, etc.). I never wrote a fic that just killed off a character before. Damn my psyche. O_O Why today? *sweatrains*

Anyway, that's really all that I can say about this fic. It's fairly short, maybe 20 KB. *snickers* Another first. There are more notes at the beginning of the fic, warnings and such. Though I suppose this fic should also have a mild YAOI/shounen ai warning on it. Nothing explicit.

Well, only one last thing to say... if you read the fic, please tell me what you thought! I will get down on my hands and knees and beg... Please... Feed the fic author... She needs encouragement... *sniffles*

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