Renee-chan's Fanart - aka That Little Box Tucked In The Corner

Renee-chan blushes when you appear at this site. She looks around frantically and finds a small rusty, iron box that's locked and tucked away in the corner of the library behind her. You might inquire as to what's in the box, but she shakes her head and hides it behind her and insists that you really don't want to see what's in it.

If you really want to see what's in it (and I warn you, you do so at your own risk), then you might manage to take the box from Renee-chan. I mean, she's not very strong, and she doesn't like to hurt people - and deep down inside she may really want you to see what's in the box... But I digress. ^_^ The lock is fairly old and falls off as you touch it. You might even be surprised that the contents of this box are merely two sheets of paper.

Renee-chan blushes again and as she's running out of the room, she tells you, "It's my Sailor Moon Fanart!" If you decide that you'd really like to see them (and I've given you ample time to drop the box and run away...) here they are:

  • My drawing of Upper Sailor Jupiter from Generals' Hour (17 KB)
  • My drawing of Zalisite from Misdirections (27 KB)

    And surprise of surprises... Someone else actually drew me some pictures to go with my fanfic "Generals' Hour"! *bouncie* They're so cool! Her drawing style makes the senshi look a bit like X-men and they're a whole lot better than any attempt I've made. ^_^ Raksha Legacy drew pictures of Upper Sailor Jupiter and Upper Sailor Mars for me. If you'd like to see any more of her work, visit her homepage!

  • Upper Sailor Jupiter (28 KB)
  • Upper Sailor Mars (27 KB)

    More new fanart!! *beams* This was drawn by a wonderful lady named Katie. ^_^ She offered to draw me stuff for Osozaki Blooms. It took me forever and a day to get back to her and say "Yes"... @.@ I felt way bad about that. But she's really sweet and drew this for me anyway! *bounciebouncie* I really hope she decides that she'd like to draw more piccies for me! *impish grin* Please everyone, e-mail her and tell her how cool she is! *g* OK, enough babbling, here's the pic:

  • "Kourin" (29 KB); received 5/06/01
    This scene takes place in Part 1 of OB, near the end. *g* If you've read it, you should recognize the scene, if not... shame on you! Go read the fic! *impish grin*
  • "Even in men's clothing I look like a girl!" (37 KB); received 5/10/01 @_@
    This scene takes place in Part 3. I think the title pretty much explains everything. ^_^
  • "Smooch" (21 KB); received 5/10/01 @_@
    *chuckles* Another self-explanatory title, ne? ^_^ Part 5 this time. Isn't Katie aweseome? *beams* Just a reminder, if you like her pics, please e-mail her and encourage her to draw more! ^_^ *impish grin* | E-mail Me!

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