Osozaki Blooms -- An Interruption

We now interrupt your regular program for a moment of self-insertion  silliness...

Renée-chan looks down in satisfaction as she hits the save key on her computer. "It's about time I finished those two parts! I've been slaving at them forever! Boy do I feel bad about what I did to Nuriko in Part 3, though... Well, I suppose it's not too bad - since I wrote that really nice part for him and Genrou in Part 5." She grins, happy with her work. A sudden tapping on her shoulder causes her to shriek and tumble off her desk chair. She gasps for air, and firmly tells her heart to start beating again as she glares up at the intruder.

A smiling face beams down at her, "Oyasumi, Renée-chan!"

Renée-chan glares at Chichiri as she gets up off her now sore bottom.  She yanks the floppy disk out of her 'A' drive and stalks over to her bed where she unceremoniously plunks herself. "What'd ya go and do that for?? Hmm??"

Chichiri grins (as usual) as he folds his legs to sit on the bed next to our dear fic authoress. "No reason, no da!"

Renée-chan crosses her arms over her chest as she stares down the eldest Suzaku seishi, "Oh come on! There must've been some reason. I mean, this isn't exactly your world, you know. You're not even supposed to be here!"

He smiles and points at the keyboard, "Fic author's license. You enabled me to come here, so you ought to understand that sort of thing, no da."

Renée-chan pouts, "Oh all right. But I wouldn't have brought you here if there wasn't a reason for you to be here! No offense, but while I like you a lot - you're not my favorite Suzaku Seishi."

Chichiri shudders, "I know, no da! I wouldn't want to be your favorite seishi, no da!" Renée-chan frowns and sniffles, grabbing her stuffed dog Coacoa for support, "And why not?"

Chichiri shudders again, "Poor, Nuriko-chan! He's going to have to go through years of therapy, thanks to what you did to him in the last chapter! Not to mention what you did to him in Chapter 4, no da!"

Renée-chan growls, "I said I was sorry! And I gave him a really good part with Tasuki in Chapter 5! I think I made up for it..."

Chichiri laughs a little, "Still, I think you take the 'You always hurt the ones you love' idea a little too far, no da. And he isn't
the only one! Look what you did to poor Zoisite in _Prisms_, no da! And Malachite in _Generals' Hour_! And Haruka in _Chasm_!  You're just plain mean, no da!"

Renée-chan permits herself a giggle, "You know, Chichiri - all this plugging that you're doing for my Sailor Moon fics is really nice, but I don't think that's why you came here..." Chichiri pulls himself up straight and clears his throat, "Hai, no da! *ahem* What I really came here to ask is - why did you practically cut me out of Chapter 3, no da? I lost nearly all of my scenes from
Episode 9, 10, and 11, no da! I had some really good parts in there and I'd like to know why, no da!"

Renée-chan facefaults, "A-ano... Well, see - I know that you had some good parts in there, but this story is about Nuriko, not you, Chichiri. And Nuriko didn't really play a huge part in what was going on in there, so it would have been like writing a plot summary and I hate to do that..."

Chichiri cuts her off, "You mean you were being lazy, no da!"

The sweatdrop obscuring Renée-chan's face gets even larger, "Ano... If you want to think of it that way..."

Chichiri gives her a big smile, "I suppose that that's as good a reason as any. Just - don't cut me out again, no da? Onegai...?"

Renée-chan promptly SDs and glomps Chichiri, who is so startled that he, too, SDs. SD-Renée-chan giggles, "Chichiri no kawaii! I'll try not to cut out any more of your scenes - really I will! But don't be angry at me if I do it again - it's not intentional..."

SD-Chichiri hugs SD-Renée-chan and grins, "Hai, no da! I won't be angry."

Renée-chan pops back to her normal size and gives SD-Chichiri a mischievous grin, "You know, when I'm done with _Osozaki Blooms_ I can write a fic about you..."

Chichiri pops back to his normal size and jumps off the bed, backing away from Renée-chan and holding his staff and kasa in front of him for protection, "Ano... That's all right, no da! Really, no da! You don't have to, no da!"

Renée-chan SDs again, privately deciding that it's even more fun than sugar highs, and jumps off the bed, "Are you sure, Chichiri-san?  I can write a good fic, really I can!"

Chichiri is so nervous that he SDs again, too, "I'm positive, no da! It was nice talking to you, really it was, no da! I'll be on my way now, no da! Ja ne!!" He holds up the kasa and disappears into it.  Seconds later, the kasa disappears with a popping noise.

Renée-chan deSDs and pouts, "Oh well. I suppose we'll talk about it again later... In the meantime I've got to go send in Parts 3 and 4!"

Renée-chan giggles insanely as she goes to grab her floppy disk and take it downstairs to e-mail the two finished parts to her pre-readers.  After a moment, she realizes that the floppy disk is no longer on the desk where she left it. She growls, angrily, then screams, "Chichiri!!!!", transforms into her emerald-green Moon Mage uniform (copyright, Renée 'n' Lauren - _Misdirections_ ^_^) and teleports after him, "You give that disk back, this instant! I mean it!!!!"

THE END - until next time, that is. *giggles* ^_^

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