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October 2008
Poetry in Motion

So, at the same time as I made the last layout, I had also made this one -- I designed it initially to be the other way and an LJ layout... but, yeah. That got too complicated, too fast. But I still really liked it and wanted a chance to use it. So, decided to just flip it around to make the formatting easier and put in on my webpage where I understand what it wants from me. *chuckles* And the colors are appropriate to this time of year, right?

April 2006
Won't you come play?

I've been working on this layout since last February. Yes. You read that right. Almost a year and a half went into figuring out how to do frames and stylesheets and then converting it all over. *twitch* And even with that, I have one messed up link. *sigh* Oh well. The time for futzing is over.

Info... Well, I scanned the picture myself, then designed the background around it. It was originally intended to be an LJ background... but trying to figure out how to make your own of one of those... *whimper* It hurt my brain. So, since I didn't want to waste it, I thought I'd try it here. ^_^ And since technically there was no fic update to go along with it... I don't feel so bad about it not being oriented around a fandom. *g*

It should work for any resolution down to 800 x 600 (though the upper left menu is awfully squished on 800 x 600), but it looks best on 1024 x 768, since that's what it was originally designed on. It works on Firefox, IE, and Netscape (though the upper left menu isn't quite right on Netscape. Not that anyone really cares... ^_^

August 2004
But who's counting?

*chuckles* I have no real excuse for this. I've been trying to get back into Mighty Ducks mode to work on the sequel to "And the Fox Declared to the Hound". Much Duck movie watching, even more Adam & Guy dreaming... *yum* ...and quite a bit of fic reading. *chuckles* And if I can drag my head out of Soft Tissue Surgery long enough to force it into writing gear, maybe something will even come of it. ^_^

So I was looking at a publicity shot (or maybe a scene shot?) from MD 3 and realized that Dwayne was hovering protectively over Connie and Guy was all the way across the room looking sullen. *eg* So I wondered if I could make a layout playing off that idea. The keeping score between the three of them was just a spur of the moment thing. But it amused me. ^_^ Too bad I couldn't get a decent shot of Adam to paste in there... *sigh*

March 2004

Well... I've been rewatching Weiss Kreuz, finally saw the OAVs, got my copy of the second Gleuhen DVD... so this is understandable, right? *sweatdrop* *coughs* Anyhoo... My favorite character in WK is Ken. So why isn't he on the layout, you ask? Well... as with most series I like, I have a pet yaoi pairing in this one, too. *g* Neither character falls anywhere close to the favorite slot, but I just like the chemistry they have with each other. Both Crawford and Schuldig are rat bastards... but they're fun. *g* So, I thought I'd let them out to play. ^_^

What's this? It's a frame version of the above layout. (Click on the picture to get the full effect -- it's pretty neat, if I do say so myself. ^_^ ) I'm going to try to get the whole webpage to fit into this format. *wind whooshes* *cough* Well, I have all of Spring Break to give it a try, ne? ^_^

October 2003
Future Dreams

OK, there is actually an explanation behind this picture. First of all, as some of you may know, I went to France this summer to visit family. The background of this shot is a view from the back of my cousin Sophie's house in Die (pronounce "Dee"). So, though I'd prefer you not take any of my layouts (and can't imagine why you'd want to... O_O) that especially applies for this one.

Let's see... further comments about the layout. I don't know why I picked Kenshin. I just had this idea of having a picture of a character looking through a window out onto a scene from a real place. So I cropped Kenshin (from the OVA) into the corner of the picture... and then couldn't figure out how to make it look like he was looking through a window. O_o;;; So then I thought, "Wouldn't it be neat if I stuck a picture of Sano, Kaoru and Yahiko in there for him to be gazing at? Sort of like he's dreaming of a far off future when life will be better." And so... Ta da. ^_^ A layout was born.

April 2003

Nuriko! *glomp* My very first love. ^_^ Well... anime-wise, anyway. *eg* I finally got Photoshop loaded and running and decided to play. I'm fairly pleased with the results, even if it's not all that exciting... and I haven't done anything with the other pages... *sweats* But I'm getting there! ^_^

February 2003

*smiles* My very first layout. ^_^ And it's Kyou from Fruits Basket! ^_^ I've just been on a bit of an FB kick lately. Ayame's on the Fushigi Yuugi page. Well... he was. ^_^ Anyway, I apologize for the image quality -- I was working with 3 screenshots that I took and then jammed together. Then I had to get Tohru out of the picture... and I was doing all of this with MS Paint. -.-;;; Never again. Have Photoshop now. *nodnod* ^_^ With any luck, I'll get better at this. ^_^;;;

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