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The Mighty Ducks Movies
And the Fox Declared to the Hound...

10-4-03: I've been working on this fic for about a year and a half. O_O The truth is, I actually finished it several months ago (May 15, 2003). I just never got around to giving it the final read-through and HTMLing. *sheepish grin* So I was enjoying my summer. So sue me. *g*

Anyway, the fic is finished now and I'm sure that all of you who have been following it are greatly relieved. The rest of you likely don't care. ^_^ And before people start screaming about where it leaves off, there will be a sequel. I just don't know when.

As for a plot, there is slashiness, so if that squicks you, please avoid. Long story short (and hardly doing it justice, if I do say so myself) Connie breaks up with Guy, Adam tries to help Guy over the break-up, Dean and Fulton try to help Adam help Guy over the break-up, and much chaos and angst ensue. I wrote a lot of chibi-silliness for this fic, so I may end up writing them up as "omake"s. We'll see. ^_^ *waves* Later!

Treeing the Prey

**NEW** 9/3/08 (written 3/11/07): I'm almost convinced that this belongs on the teaser page, as it (without doubt) is a part of the sequel to the monster above it. *points upwards* However, it's a complete little story in and of itself, and as I haven't written the sequel it's supposed to be part of just yet... it's entirely possible that the set up for this scene will change dramatically once I do. So, since it makes a cute little "Connie Finds Out and Immediately Blurts Out the Truth to the Rest of the Ducks" fic all on its own... there you go. ^_^ As for "Finds out what?"... well, you'll just have to read the fic above it to find out. ^_~

Harry Potter
James and the Giant Freudian Slip

**NEW** 9/3/08 (written 6/20/04): So... this is what happens when a sick mind takes hold of a completely innocent statement. *falls over*

OK. There are certain things that I say a lot. Some to the point of my friends making fun of me for them. -.-;;; This isn't one of those things, but it's still something I say a lot. Whenever someone says something to me that I feel the need to be outraged about, I often respond with, "Are you fucking serious?"

It's a perfectly innocent thing to say. Really. Until you say it to someone immediately after seeing Prisoner of Azkaban. *falls over* Then it becomes... less innocent. And develops a happy bunny body and starts demanding fic. Damn demented bunny... :-P

Gundam Seed
Lost in Translation

**NEW** 9/3/08 (written 1/27/05): Another 15 minutes ficlet that I never got around to posting. What can I say? I'm trying to catch all the obscure ones. ^_^ This is a fandom that never fully panned out for me, but I had a brief interest at the time.

Peter Pan
An Untitled Ficlet

7/7/07 (written 5/12/05): So, no big surprise, right? ^_^ Anyone who's known me for any length of time is well aware that Peter Pan was my first ever fandom. Long before even Voltron I was obsessed with Peter Pan. Something about his character just absolutely fascinates me. (More on this subject on the actual fic page.) Anyhoo, a couple of years ago, I had joined a 15 minute ficlet community on LJ which only recently became defunct. The idea was that they posted a different word every week, then you had 15 minutes once you'd looked at the word to write something about it. Great idea, ne? ^_^ So, this particular word immediately brought Peter Pan to mind... and off I went. ^_^ Enjoy!

Spring Cleaning

7/7/07 (written 4/11/06): *chibi raises hands to protect face* Hear me out, first! Please?

*when no coconuts are forthcoming, the chibi lowers her hands and lets out a sigh of relief* So... I have my grubby lil' paws on a copy of LWW. And I watched it. *swoons over her Edmund* Damn, I love 3-D characters. ^_^ Anyway. I watched it. And watched it. Then I broke out my BBC copies and watched "Prince Caspian" and "Voyage of the Dawn Treader". *swoons over Edmund again* *notes that she still thinks that the BBC's Lucy looks like a chipmunk* Then I read "Prince Caspian". O_o;;; It's been a regular CoN-obsession week around here. So, naturally, last night I found myself fending off an Edmund-chibi. He was insistent, too. O_o;;; And I've been seeing so much Peter/Edmund slash lately... Sometimes it disturbs me, other times I'm convinced they're soulmates. *twitch* Fanfiction is warping my brain. And truthfully, I like Bacchus/Edmund a little better (though not for much longer if this keeps up... *sigh*). Anyway, I wasn't going to write him any pairing. Why? He's eleven, for crying out loud! O_O Well... my chibi was, anyway. He was a post-LWW, pre-PC Edmund.

Then Susan started butting her nose in. Truthfully, I've always thought she majorly got the shaft in those books. She was my favorite character until my more mature mind latched onto the angsty goodness that is Edmund. ^_~ And she wanted a reason for why she was left behind in LB (*explanation deleted due to spoilers* ^_^). So Will and Bran poked their heads in -- Don't ask, I really don't know, nor do I want to know -- and said, "Maybe she had a greater purpose to serve on Earth. You know, guiding someone or somesuch." Then Michael Darling commented -- I repeat: Don't ask, I really don't know, nor do I want to know -- that maybe someone had played a similar role for the Pevensies. And, oh look, I'd be right about the right age to be a teacher when Edmund is in school. Isn't that convenient. Then Peter nosed in -- you know how he gets... :-P -- and insisted on getting a scene. He even came complete with an explanation for his constant desire to be wildly out of character (in a dark, maturity sense) in everything I write for him. Then Michael's adult self insisted that he had a Robert Frost obsession that absolutely had to be included if he was...

And that was it. I caved. *sheepish grin* Peter Pan, Robert Frost and angsty Edmund. Who could ask for anything more?

Suikoden III
Like Father, Like Daughter

4-11-06: Well... technically this should have been posted back on June 20th of '03... when I wrote it. *falls over* Have I mentioned that I've been really bad about archiving the stuff I've been writing in my fic journal? *sigh* Warnings? This is yuri (yes, you can twitch all you like about that one) and there are spoilers abounding. Read at your own risk.

**SNIP** OK, the fic technically doesn't have a time frame, it's just a free-flow monologue kinda thing, but the inspiration came from a little discussion between the POV character and the object of their affection somewhere at the end of chapter 5. The fic would probably fall in somewhere right before that. So, there should be spoilers... but I think I avoided most of them. If you don't know who Jimba really is, that may be spoiled (hint: if the title makes no sense after reading the fic (in light of this comment), then you have avoided spoilage). ^_^ **/SNIP**

Prince of Tennis
Misery Loves Company

11-30-05: That's right! There is ficcage! ^_^ And it is for my brand new (well, several week old, anyway) obsession, Prince of Tennis! ^_^ For those of you familiar with the series, you've probably guessed who my favorite characters are. Yes, yes. The Golden Pair. Kikumaru Eiji and Oishi Shuuichirou. And I liked them so much that I wanted to tortur-- *coughs* write them a fairy tale happy ending.

Nuriko: *sweatdrop* Since when are the two mutually exclusive with you?

R-chan: *sheepish grin* Well, I tried. Doesn't that count for anything?

Oishi: *still clutching Eiji* No!!

R-chan: *sweatdrop*

*coughs* Anyway, the point is that this is a "parents find out" sort of fic. I fear that I've written someone (or several someones) out of character and I wrote the bulk of the fic at midnight last night which is its own problem and the ending is completely cheestastic and unrealistic... but still! I am persevering. ^_^ The fic switches from 1st person point of view to 3rd (mainly because Eiji wanted to nose his way into the storytelling and then Oishi jumped in on the action) and then back to first again. O_o;;; At least I managed to keep the first person POV to one character. =^_^=

So, here is the fic in all its unbeta'd glory. Enjoy!

Weiss Kreuz
The Wild Dark

7-30-04: *sweatdrop* OK. I wrote and finished this fic back in November and never got around to posting it... which is really funny because this fic is the reason why Schuldich and Crawford have been occupying the background of my page all this time. -.-;;; *shrugs* Oh well.

The point however... I have no idea where this fic came from. All I can say is that I have a very disturbed Ken-chibi. He's very Gluhen-ish... which is strange because I very much don't like what they did with his character in Gluhen, not to mention his fighting gear. *shudders* What the hell is with that oh-shoot-me-now mondo-turtleneck thing, anyway? *twitch*

So really, what I think this fic boils down to is that my mind desperately wanted an explanation for why sweet, lovable Ken would suddenly become psycho-killer Ken. The really funny thing, though, is that this wasn't supposed to be about Ken. It was supposed to be about angsty!Omi and dead!Ouka. *sweatdrop* Don't ask me. I just do what the chibis tell me to do.

And I suppose there should be a yaoi warning... but it's all implied, so why bother? ^_^

Fruits Basket
Now I Can Die

Long story short, 'cuz I have to run to class. *eyes clock* *sweatdrop* Literally. O_O;;; So here's the intro from the actual fic:

Well, I finally rewatched all of Fruits Basket and it's official. I'm totally hooked on this series. ^_^ There's only one problem... I want more! *sniffles* I guess I'll have to go buy the manga and find out if there is any more. *sighs* More money that I don't have to spend. O_O;;; Anyway, I tried to figure out who my favorite characters are and in what order. ^_^ I think I'd have to say it goes like this: 1) Kyou 2) Hatsuharu and Hatori 3) Ayame, Shigure, and maybe Yuki --he might actually belong at position 4. *sheepish grin* But! ^_^ Yes, there is a "but". All that aside everyone knows I always end up loving the bad guy--I mean, Seishirou- san is my favorite CLAMP character. ^_^--and this series is no exception. Problem is, Akito is a right bastard, right up until the end of the series. -.-;;; I think he's salvageable... but he'd need time, something he doesn't have a whole hell of a lot of. So, he doesn't get counted in the ranking, but he gets a special spot all his own. And wouldn't you know, the minute he had it, he started bothering me for a fanfic. O_O;;; So, since I absolutely was feeling the need to write something and I didn't want anything long and complicated... here are the fruits ^_^ of my train trip back from DE.

Gundam Wing
Where Does My Heart Beat Now?

Here we go, the promised Gundam Wing fic. ^_^ It will get it's own page eventually, but it's 11 PM and I still have two exams to study for. -.-;;; I know the title is cheezy, you'll just have to bear with me until I think of a better one. The creative spring that supplies me with fic titles has been running dry, lately. *grins* But that's not really important... :-P Oi. I'm babbling. Mental note: don't try to write fic commentary when tired. >.< OK, what else do I need to mention? Oh - this fic is yaoi, or rather, it will be once I write the sequel. ^_^ If you don't know what that is, please click the link. If it bothers you, please pick a different fic. No flames, it's too hot in my apartment as it is. ^_^

Other mild warnings I should stick on this fic... There are spoilers for those who haven't seen past episode... I believe it's 10, of Gundam Wing. That isn't really much spoilers, but... *shrugs* Anyway, the other, more important warning... This Is Not A Happy Fic. They don't call me an angst-queen for nothing. *watches in amusement as all the chibis start clinging to each other in abject terror* What'd I say? *Duo-chibi starts crying into Heero-chibi's tank top.* Yeesh... *Renee-chan rolls her eyes* What are you crying for? I'm done with you for now! *Duo-chibi stares up at Renee-chan with wide, pleading eyes, "But I'm also the only one you didn't give a happy ending to! My torture-angst just stayed torture-angst!"* *Renee-chan sweatdrops* I'll give you a happy ending in the sequel, I promise! *Duo-chibi just continues wailing unconsolably. Heero-chibi stares daggers into Renee-chan until she meeps and runs to hide behind Nuriko.*

Hmm... That was kind of pointless... I must be tired if I'm running off at the mouth like this... *sweatdrop* Well, what I was trying to say is that this fic is majorly angsty - and I do mean majorly. Don't read this if you're having a bad day. *nods* But, as I told Duo, I am going to give him a happy ending in the sequel... after I'm done torturing Heero for a while. *smirk* Torturing Duo is fun, but it's just a tad cliched... *more smirking* *Heero-chibi begins clinging to Duo-chibi as tightly as he is being clung to. Duo-chibi chuckles slightly, mollified.* *Renee-chan just continues to smile evilly as she plots fic.*

Out of the Darkness

A wonderful manga written by Takahashi Rumiko (author of Ranma 1/2) about a girl and her half demon-dog. ^_^ More serious than Ranma 1/2, and I absolutely loved it. So much, that I actually broke down and bought the first two graphic novels. @.@ Once I'd read them, I just had to write a fic. ^_^ Hope you enjoy it!

Yuu Yuu Hakusho

This fic is about Keiko and Yuusuke, told from Keiko's POV. It's about Yuusuke's resurrection and the time just before. It's the shortest fic I ever wrote, but I think it has its merits. Please don't forget to tell me what you think!

Star Wars

Yes, I've written two Star Wars: TPM fics. I actually wrote them some time ago, this is just the first chance I've had to actually post them. They are both slash, and they are both untitled. If anyone happens to think of good titles for them while reading, please don't hesitate to let me know!

Fic number one

This story is essentially a write-up of that scene in TPM when... well. You know. *weary chuckle* It's not an AU, so no - I didn't save Qui-Gon. Though I would have liked to... It's really more of an intense angsty look at what Obi-Wan was thinking and doing before, during, and after Qui-Gon's death. Note: This is yaoi and it is severely angsty. Major Obi-Wan torture here! *eg* It is, after all, what I do best. ^_^

Fic number two

This fic, as you may have guessed, is a sequel to the first one. :-P I really need titles for these things... -.-;;; But I digress... This fic takes place during SW: A New Hope and continues on through the trilogy. No, it isn't _really_ that long - it's just that I kinda of gloss through the events of the trilogy until I get to the very end of RotJ during the Ewok celebration. Note: Again, this is yaoi and it is severely angsty. I can't help it! Obi-Wan is just so much fun to torture! *giggles insanely*

Werewolf: The Apacolypse
Ailanna's First Change

*grins* Exactly what it sounds like. I'm now playing a character in the World of Darkness (she's Garou), and this fic is about her first change. Better description will come as I have time.

Ailanna's Character Sheet

Again - exactly what it sounds like. Ailanna's Character Sheet. Enjoy!

Shaina's Character Sheet

I now have a second character in the World of Darkness. This one's a Bastet. ^_^

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