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So, this should probably go without saying... but I'm going to say it anyway. The fiction on this page is the sole intellectual property of me. No taking it, period. If you like, however, please tell me so. I've been a little nervous lately about branching off into my own universes... baby steps, right? ^_^

Basic Details

Some actual explanation for the universe and world setup will eventually be forthcoming here... but I'm too tired to do it now. In the meantime... enjoy these:

Character Map
The Map

*points upward* Drawn freehand by yours truly, believe it or not. ^_^

The Story that Started it All

2/4/02: Told you this would make it back off the dead fics page eventually. ^_^ I finally finished typing up the teaser and polishing it up a bit. The basic gist of the story is that there's this mercenary company... *blinks* Er... Yeah. That pretty much is the basic gist. ^_^ This is a YAOI warning on this fic, though you can't really tell from the teaser. ^_^ If you don't like, don't read. If you read, please send me C&C. And this is my baby, so if you're going to go for the "criticism" half of C&C... please be gentle... *wince*

Update, 10/15/08: Obviously, the story has come a long way from my initial description... ^_^ It's grown a life of it's own and promises to perhaps even turn into a full novel someday. *hope springs eternal* The initial plot revolved around Alex -- the second in command of a mercenary company -- and his lover, Darrvyn (General of said Company). However, the more that I put pen to paper on this one, the more the story seems to want to be about Alex's older brother Richard and his wife Calynn (queen of Zanas), both of whom are introduced in the story below. The truth, however, is that I have three separate storylines revolving around three different sets of characters: Darrvyn and Alex, Richard and Calynn, and Kierrath and Nerise -- the latter two have not really been introduced in story yet. So, the fact that Richard and Calynn got pushy is probably a good thing. ^_^ Now if Kierrath and Nerise weren't such sweet, innocent kids and would start demanding fic of their own, maybe we could get their plot moving, too... ^_^

Quiet Days

**NEW** 10/15/08 (written 1/21/04): Calynn (warrior-queen of Zanas) and Richard (her Consort) share a *cough* quiet *cough* afternoon and come to a few understandings about the peculiar nature of arranged marriages and their own relationship.


**NEW** 10/15/08 (written 3/15/04): This is a scene from a longer scene that I'm working on. Some background: Darrvyn's company has attacked Zanas. Alex (and several other officers and soldiers) were captured. Calynn intended to "question" the Dragon's Second... not knowing that he was, in fact, Richard's brother. O_o;;; She had him released from the cell and now she and Alex and Richard are having a nic e little chat... Or something. XD


**NEW** 10/15/08 (written 7/27/04): This started out as a 15 minute ficlet and promises to turn into a prologue or flashback seen. Chibi-Darrvyn! *squee!* *glomps the emo-kid* *deadpan* No, Darrvyn was not always the cold, yet snarky bastard we now know and love him as. Once upon a time he was soft, angsty and squishy. ^_~

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