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For those of you who don’t remember, Party of Five was a teen drama that played for 6 years in the late ‘90s. The basic gist of the plot was that the parents of these five children (Charlie, 24; Bailey, 16; Julia, 15? 14?; Claudia, 11; and Owen, < 1) died in a car crash. In order for them to all stay together, Charlie is appointed their legal guardian.

The relationship between the two older brothers always fascinated me, to be honest. Bailey started out as the more responsible of the two, even though he was younger. Owen’s crib is even in his room after Charlie moves back in. And it’s clear from watching the interactions between the siblings that they all have a special relationship with Bailey. Claudia even admits at one point that of all of them, she loves him best.

So... my kink is slash. And with such a complex and juicy relationship already available... *sheepish grin* What can I say? I’ve already owned up to twincest as being a subset kink (i.e. Hitachiin Kaoru and Hikaru, Ouran High Host Club; FrednGeorge, Harry Potter; etc.)... so why not just plain old brothers? And when browsing around the Internet, I discovered something. There is a woeful lack of Party of Five slash out there... and nothing for Charlie and Bailey. So, since I really wanted to read some and couldn’t find any already written... obviously this was my only choice.

Song Drabbles

1. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go; Wham
2. Blaze of Glory; Bon Jovi
3. Searchin' My Soul Tonight; Vonda Sheppard
4. She's Got A Way; Billy Joel
5. It's the End of the World As We Know It; REM
6. Wild Nights; John Mellencamp
7. Purachina; Maaya Sakamoto
8. Poison Arrow; ABC
9. Akai Suna, Shiroi Hana; Arai Akino
10. Suteki Da Ne; Final Fantasy X OST

**NEW** 10/15/08 (written 3/4/08): This set of drabbles started out life as an LJ meme. The basic idea was to put your mp3 player on shuffle and fic for the first ten songs to randomly play, no skipping. I did cheat a bit -- you were only supposed to fic for, I believe, 10 minutes; also, between songs 7 and 9, I ran through about 3 songs that I either couldn’t stand, or couldn’t make my brain come up with anything resembling ficcage for. I tried with #8, then when 9 and 10 tried to be Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” (not kidding) and Madonna’s “Hey, Mr. D.J.” (when I’d already done a club/dance drabble), I made the executive decision to cheat and skip to something better. Fortunately, the next two songs that came up (9 and 10) were eminently better for ficcing. ^_^

Warning: General spoilers through Season 1, some into Season 2 -- if there is ever any more fic in this universe, it will likely go wildly AU from there... as I haven't seen any further into the series. -.-;;; Also, these are not in anything even approaching chronological order, but I think they actually make sense in the order they were written. If you want them chronologically, they would go something like this: 7, 4, 6, 1, 8, 2, 9, 5, 10, 3 (or 3, 10, depending on how you look at these things. ^_^). My favorites: 4, 7, 9 with 10 and the back 1/3 of 1 coming in close seconds... and 3 was just plain fun. Least favorite? 8 sucks. It sucks bad. Bleh. Most of these drabbles are rated G, 1 and 10 might earn PGs. But that’s about it. ^_^ OK, done talking now. Enjoy!

Under New Management

**NEW** 10/15/08 (written 7/15/08): Just a little drabble, delving into Bailey's head: Bailey proves, to himself and his family, that he isn't as unreliable as they all think. I'm not entirely satisfied with this (then again, I did write it in 15 minutes...) and may someday go back and actually flesh it into a story with plot... we'll see. ^_^

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Created: October 15, 2008
Last update: October 15, 2008

Note: The characters in these fics, and the television show, Party of Five do not belong to me. I'm just playing with them and I promise, I'll put them back just as I left them when I'm done. The stories, however, do belong to me. If you'd like to post them on a webpage, please e-mail me and let me know, so I can link to your page. Thank you!