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Renee-chan's Notes on her Alternate PR Universe - Since this Universe seems to get more and more complicated with every story/paragraph that I write, I figured a little Reader's Guide would be useful. ^_^ If you happen to read this and think that something could be explained a bit better, please don't hesitate to ask. WARNING - This page contains massive spoilers for Taking Root. If you don't want to be spoiled, please don't read these notes! Thanks much!

Forget Me Not


As I'm sure you've all noted, by now, this fic finally has a title. ^_^ I'm very happy that I finally thought of one. Anyway, you want to know what this fic is about, I suppose? Well, I can't really blame you - seeing as it's all I've been talking about for the past God-only-knows how long. :-) Well, right off the bat, it would help if you know what PR in Space is, and maybe a little bit about the first couple of episodes. There are some spoilers, but not many. My fic takes a big swing off the general timeline sometime after the first couple of eps. But the background would probably help. ^_^

OK, basically, this is what happens when a writer's imagination runs away with her. ^_^ I happened to accidentally flip on an ep. of PRiS (Power Rangers in Space) while I was home this winter. Andros intrigued me - why? 'Cuz I'd never seen a guy with stripes in his hair before. ^_^ And when he wears it down, he pulls off the look pretty well. Anyhow, I digress... Apparently they were having a marathon of some sort, so (having nothing better to do) I figured I'd watch a few episodes. They showed a few with Zhane in them afterwards. *mischievous grin* As I watched the two of them (Andros and Zhane), my brain started to say, "Hmm..." as it is wont to do. Then it started to say, "What if...?" and I got worried. I said, no way, no how am I gonna write a Power Rangers fanfic. Uh-uh. Not gonna do it. *rueful chuckle* So much for that idea. ^_^

Well, to make a long story short... (Yeah, I know - too late for that, ne? ^_^) ...I decided to give this a shot. I mean, what are fanfics but taking a good basic idea from a show and giving it more depth? Just 'cuz the people who produce PR seem to have writing licenses in cheeziness, doesn't mean that a fanfic has to be equally cheezy, ne? ^_^ I started browsing around and found quite a few really well written PR fics out there. I was rather amazed. But, needless to say, I didn't see any "shounen ai" fics. *blinks* Being as most circles of anime fiction have a very healthy shounen ai and yaoi population, I figured that PR fans didn't know what they were missing. *evil chuckle* So, I present you with this fic - a delicate exploration of the love between two of my favorite PR characters of all time. (*slaps people's hands* No, this is not about Jason and Billy. Yeesh, you people have sick minds... *giggles* *impish grin*)

If this sort of thing offends you, please don't flame me, just leave now and go somewhere else. For those of you who choose to pull up a chair and read, I thank you kindly. *bows* Enjoy the show!

Taking Root

It's finally posted! *cheers* Aren't you proud of me? ^_^ It sure took me long enough, ne? Anyway, I'd like to send special thanks out to Nellie Chiang - she actually sat down, beta-read, and edited all 244 KB of this monster for me. *glomps onto Nellie and showers her with chocolates* Thanks muchly!

This fic is actually a prequel to FMN and (believe it or not) is not Yaoi. *waits for everyone to get up off the floor from where they've fallen after fainting* Yeah, yeah, I know. ^_^ Anyway, the fic is set during PR Zeo during the Gold Ranger Arc. I took some serious liberties with the timeline and storyline. This fic series is now very, very much AU. As I'm sure you'll figure out once you get even partway into the fic...

The story focuses pretty much on Billy, Jason, Tommy, and Aerin. Who's Aerin? Well... she's in the series but never called by name, so I gave her one of my own. She's Jason's mother. ^_^ She plays a major part in this fic, but if I say how it gives away massive spoilers.

I can't really think of anything else I need to explain except for this... if anything in this fic doesn't make sense, this is where my "Notes" (see above) may come in handy. I think I managed to explain everything fairly well in the fic, but... *shrugs* I've explained it in even more detail up there. Basically, this fic sets the stage for my version of the PR universe. I have one more fic planned/started in this series (and it actually has a title... ^_^) which is a direct sequel to "Forget Me Not" and thus (obviously) will be Yaoi. It'll be mostly about Andros and Zhane again, but the two main "events" happening in here will be: 1)Andros finding Karone; and 2)A joining of the characters from the first two fics. I have one more fic idea that I may write set during Turbo as a connector between "Taking Root" and "Forget Me Not", but I'm not sure. We'll see. ^_^

I hope you all have been enjoying this and I'm not doing it for nothing. And don't forget - the only pay we fic-writers get is feedback! Be generous with it! ^_^

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Created: March 10, 1999
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