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April 7, 2002: Wow. A new fic. And it's Sailor Moon. *beams* This is pretty much a stream of consciousness fic... with a twist. ^_^ And there's a not-so-slight nod to another series within. ^_^ Remember my current CLAMP obsession and you should be able to figure it out. ^_^ This takes place in Crystal Tokyo, sometime before the Dark Moon invasion. It's my own personal twist on what was actually going on. *eg* Enjoy! And don't forget to feed the fic writer! She's starving! *wobble eyes*

Dark Messiah

*grins* Yes... I wrote another one. ^_^ Believe it or not, this fic is about Jadeite. :) It takes place after SMStars, though. *sweatdrop* Whaddya mean how? It just does... ^_^ It's short, angsty, and sappy. And it's all Kristi's fault. *blows raspberries at Kristi* Enjoy, minna-san!

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This fanfic is about Haruka and Michiru, their love and devotion to each other, and the lengths to which one is willing to go to save the other. In short, Haruka loses her mind and it's up to Michiru to save it. ^_^ A bad description for what I think is one of my better pieces of writing. Don't let the lack of many parts fool you - the main story of this fic is about 180 something KB. ^_^ I don't think I know how to write short fics...

I thought about moving this one to the dead fanfics page but decided not to. It's not my best work, but with a little editing, it would be all right. Mainly my problem with this fanfic is that I wrote it before I took Japanese... and tried to use Japanese in it anyway. O_O Needless to say, I botched the attempt. If I ever have the energy to do it, I'll go back and rework this one... but it'll likely be awhile.

11/30/05: OK, here's a shock... I was revamping a layout that I've been futzing with for months... and realized that I never HTML'ed this fic. And then I had to go and edit. O_o So, some editing -- mostly getting rid of every "Michi-chan" and "arigato gozaimus" I could find. *cringe* A little reworking of a few sections, but nothing major. *shrugs* Someday... someday... At least it doesn't make me outright flinch, now. ^_^

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Created: July something or other, 1998
Last updated: April 10, 2002
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