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Well, I'm having a guilt trip over here. *sighs* I've been writing and really working on fics, but I don't have time to finish them. Or I'm working on them in my notebook and not having time to type them. *massive sigh* So, I decided, as a courtesy to everyone who's waiting to see the next part of things, that I should start posting teasers.

A general warning accompanies all of these, though - they are not finished. Some of them may never be finished. Just because I put it up here doesn't necessarily mean that it will be posted in its entirety anytime soon. For example, I'm going to post up what I have of GH part 7 - but keep in mind that the last time I worked on it was at the end of last May. *sweatdrop* *looks at date on file again* It's been that long?? Oi... -.-;;; But, I digress... the other warning is that anything in here could be completely changed/scrapped/rearranged/what-have-you without notice. These are just teasers. They will not be edited or anything. OK? Sorry I'm making such a big deal out of this... *sheepish grin* Well, I hope you enjoy!

Fushigi Yuugi

Osozaki Blooms; Chapter 8 - ((***NEW: 6-28-07***)) - sweatdrop* Don't ask me. I have no idea. Maybe it's the nostalgia trip I've been on lately. Maybe it was that offhand comment Tina made before I left DE. Maybe it's the fact that I've actually been rewatching FY. Maybe it's my resolve to get my life back in order and actually try to recover the hobbies I enjoy... and the subsequent need to finish something I once loved. I don't know. Whatever the case... a partial teaser for Chapter 8 of Osozaki Blooms, my epic Fushigi Yuugi/Nuriko fic. *shrugs* Er... Enjoy? *twitch*

The Scarlet Pimpernel: An FY Parody - Another good fic that just stalled. Last time I worked on this fic was late October of last year. Oi... -.-;;;


Gundam Wing/Slayers X-over - 9/7/01 - I'm sure there's a collective sweatdrop going on right about now... ^_^ *chuckles* OK, I admit that this is a little strange. But the bunny affixed itself to my ankle a couple of months ago and hasn't let go yet. @_@ I can't write a good enough description to give this justice, or to make you read it if you think I've finally gone off the deep end. Personally, I think it's my best piece of writing in a while. ^_^ ((Of course, I reserve the right to change that opinion at any time. ^_^)) *coughs* So, what's the basic deal? I've decided that the Gundam Wing Universe is the future of the Slayers Universe. Waitwaitwait! *grabs at everyone's sleeves as they get up to run away* Honto ni, it make sense! Eeto... Well... @_@ I think I explained it better within the context of the fic... So... *deep bows* Read it, onegai shimasu! ^_^

Gundam Wing x World of Darkness/White Wolf - 8/2/00 - I've had this one sitting on the plot bunny page for a while. I suppose I should move it up to the priorities page now, ne? ^_^ Anyway - this one is exactly what it sounds like, and I did a better job introing it in the actual teaser. -.-;;; Right now I'm tired and I want to take a break. I'll put up a better intro for this eventually... ^_^

Yuu Yuu Hakusho

Koenma x Yuusuke ficcie - 4/30/01 - OK... and here's another one. @.@ I know I said I wasn't going to start any new fi-- Wait a minute. *sweatdrop* I never said that. ^_^ Nevermind! Here's yet another new fic snippet/teaser from yours truly. This is my first real live YYH bunny since Constant. I kinda like where it's going. ^_^ Since it isn't really a spoiler (I pretty much say this in the first paragraph), I'll tell you that this will eventually be a Yuusuke x Koenma/Koenma x Yuusuke fic. (I haven't decided which, yet... ^_^ *blinks* And since I don't write graphic yaoi, it really doesn't matter, does it? ^_^) *coughs* Anyhoo... This episode takes place during the Ankoku Bujuutsukai arc of the story, right after Toguro's fight with Genkai. If you don't know the result of that fight then this fic contains a HUMONGOUS SPOILER. If you don't want to know that spoiler, then please don't read this fanfic. ((Please note: This one is very rough - I just scrawled it out on my laptop today. I'm sure there are some gross incongruencies and all sorts of bad stuff. Gomen ne...))


X ficcie - 4/30/01 - This is an angst-trip on Subaru. It takes place after that fight that he has with the Dark Kamui... that lands him in the hospital... I don't want to give away anymore spoilers than that. Anyway, if Subaru-kun and Kamui-chan cooperate, then this just might turn into a Subaru x Kamui fic. *g* ((UPDATED - 5/8/01))

Gundam Wing

Heero ficcie - 12/30/00 - Pleading weariness again. There's a good intro up on the actual fic, and I think I've worn out my eloquence. This is the sequel to that angsty Duo fic that I wrote a while back. ^_^

Sailor Moon

Untitled Seiya Angstfest - 12/4/00 - Another new/old teaser. I started this several months ago, did a bit more work on it over Thanksgiving break. You may recognize it from my plotbunny page... or you may not. ^_^ I'm in the middle of too many things to write a good summary at the moment. I will say this though... Be Warned - this is a very rough draft. I just felt really bad about not having posted anything in so long... *sheepish grin* Hope you enjoy it anyway... ^_^

A Sailor Venus fanfic - 9/5/00 - OK, since I haven't had time to write anything new, I started digging around my files to see if I had anything old that I had never posted. I found this. ^_^ It's a fanfic that I started about Sailor Venus and how she became one senshi of many when she was used to working alone. There was actually a lot more to this thing at one point, but when I looked back at it... it sucked. So, I clipped off the bad part and decided to post what I had for now. This is another one that I hope to get back to eventually, but... *shrugs* Best laid plans, and all that. ^_^ Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to tell me what you think!

And I believe that's it for now. ^_^ I'll add more as I have time to type them up. Ja!

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Created: March 10, 1999
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