October 15, 2008 *coughs* Yeah...
So, this update, as I'm sure you've guessed by now, is one huge SOB. In addition to the pretty new layout, I have finally transcribed over every single bloody fanfic that I've posted on my LJ in the last 2 years. The only ones I didn't add to the page are pieces of fics that are incomplete and/or would fall under the teaser category -- that's what the LJ is for. ((If you want to read those, try here.)) O_O Remind me never to go this long between updates again. Please?

And now, a list of the updates ((Don't let the dates fool you, anything dated 10/15/08 or 9/3/08... anything that's labeled **NEW!**, for that matter, ^_^ is new -- this has been a two month project. O_o;;;)):
1. Built two new bookshelves! First bookshelf is for my original fiction -- plenty of juicy new fic there. Also moved the original story from the teaser page onto this one. ^_^
2. The other is for my Party of Five fanfiction where there is even more juicy new fanfic. Of everything on the page, I do believe that this is the newest fiction.
3. Few new things transcribed onto the Miscellaneous page, as well (snippet sequel to my MD fic -- just a teaser, really; a Harry Potter Marauders fic; Gundam Seed sniplet).
4. Future updates when it isn't 2:30 AM and I don't have to drive to Delaware tomorrow: build a bookshelf for my MD fics... I have two new drabbles for that, too. ^_^
*grumble* And I just realized that nearly all the new fics have screwed up formatting. Oh, frak it all. I'm tired, I'm goingtobed, I'llfixitlater.

July 7, 2007
1. My back is killing me and I'm bored out of my mind? Trying to catch up on posting fics that I wrote, published on my LJ... and never HTML'ed. ^_^ This time it's a Peter Pan x Lion, Witch, Wardrobe crossover I wrote back in April of '06. Time flies, ne? ^_^
2. Also posted a straight Peter Pan ficlet that I wrote in May of '05. Movin' right along... ^_^

June 28, 2007
1. Wow. I can't believe it's been over a year. And it's a measely little teaser update at that. *falls over* For what it's worth, I'm sorry? Hopefully the fact that it's a teaser for OB Chapter 8 will make up for it? Wishful thinking, perhaps... Be kind? ^_^

June 7, 2006
1. 2nd of many outdated postings. ^_^ "New" Tokyo Babylon fic on the CLAMP page... from 2004. *twitch*

April 11, 2006
1. This is the first of many outdated postings. *sigh* Suikoden III fic on the miscellaneous page that should have been posted... oh... in 2003. O_o;;;
2. *coughs* "New" CCD fic on the CLAMP page. ^_^ Fluff, this time!

April 6, 2006
1. O_O I have no excuse. OK, I lied. Work was hellish to the point that I quit. *sigh* Work was so hellish that I had zero inspiration to write. None. At all. *shudder* That was when I knew it was time to go. So, the minute that I knew I was leaving... inspiration struck. *chuckles* Go figure. So, the main aspect of this update is that I totally revamped the site. ^_^ New layout, nice and fancy. I made the background and the layout from scratch (well, I scanned the otter picture, but you get the idea. ^_^ So, please don't take them without my permission. I'm also going to (hopefully) start posting fics that have been living in pieces on my LJ. I figure I owe you all a big update. ^_^ Enjoy! ((BTW, now that the inspiration is back, if there's anything in particular that you'd like to see me work on, now would be the time to ask. *eg*))

November 30, 2005
1. OMG, it's an update. ^_^ Been a while, ne? *coughs* Sorry about that... I've been writing, but it's mostly been shortfics and teasers that are getting posted to my LJ. However, I had a few moments and felt guilty for not touching the page in over a year, so I thought I'd post something. ^_^ New addiction! Prince of Tennis. *drools* Golden Pair. *hanyaan* Need I say more? On the miscellaneous page. New layout to be posted when I have time to sit and make one. *sweatdrop* Which may well be never. *falls over* ((BTW, I don't remember where I got the picture that I used as a background here... If it's yours and you don't want it here, please tell me. Thanks!))

August 14, 2004
1. This is what happens when Renee finds a pretty picture and has to futz with it. ^_^ This is also what happens when Renee is gearing up to work on the sequeal to her MD fic. ^_^ Cheers. ^_^

July 30, 2004
1. Finally posted the fic that matches the layout. Weiss Kreuz fic on the miscellaneous page.

March 19, 2004
1. *eg* New layout. Not much else. Playing with frames. ^_^

October 4, 2003
1. My Mighty Ducks fanfic, "And the Fox Declared to the Hound...", is finally finished and posted. *takes a bow*
2. Also made a new layout. Note: As with all my layouts, please don't take them -- but this one especially. I made it. The background picture (behind Kenshin) is a view from behind my cousin's house in Die (pronounced "Dee"), France. Don't take it without asking! ^_^ Thanks.

April 3, 2003
1. Got bored, installed Photoshop, felt like playing. ^_^ Thus, new layout. No content update, though. O_O;;; Sorry...

February 12, 2003
1. New page, clean slate. ^_^ I am going to try to replace all the main pages with pretty layouts (like on the main page and the FY page), but I don't know how much I'll get a chance to do. Truthfully, I wasn't planning on having the new page up and running until... *sweatdrop* ...March? April? This summer? *falls over* The things I'll do to avoid studying... @_@;;;

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